2017 United States Agriculture Equipment Market Status

Analyst: Wang Haile Publisher: QYR Research Center Date: 27 Apr, 2017

The report 2017 United States Agriculture Equipment Market Status and Future Trend published by QYR Research Center shows that U.S. agricultural equipment exports will continue to decline in 2017-18 in the absence of major increases in global agricultural commodity prices. Such increases are unlikely. High interest rates in markets such as Brazil and South Africa will further constrain the recovery of U.S. exports. Low interest rates in others, especially the Eurozone, may mitigate somewhat the effects of low agricultural commodity prices. Weak local currencies relative to the U.S. dollar will also remain a barrier to exports of U.S. agricultural equipment. Low petroleum prices, if they continue, will hold down farmers’ production costs, while restraining economic growth and demand for imported foodstuffs in petroleum-producing countries.

Table 2016 U.S. Exports at a Glance

Equipment Types Export (M USD) Percent Of U.S. Agriculture Equipment Exports Change 2013-2016 Change Jan-Jun 2016
For Grain, Oilseeds & Other Commodity Crops 3039.1 31.2% -16.2% -15.3%
Tractor Parts 2257.6 23.2% -1.3% -18.6%
Movers & Power Equipment 2071.8 21.3% -5.5% -12.0%
For Raising Livestock 820.9 8.4% -3.2% -4.9%
For Produce & High Value Crops 727.7 7.5% -10.0% -9.9%
Low–Medium–Hp Tractors 437.6 4.9% 23.3% -5.8%
Sprayers 200.0 2.1% -23.3% 6.7%
Others 157.8 1.6% -14.0% -3.6%
Total 9748.5 100.0% -8.9% -13.4%

Source: QYR Agriculture Equipment Research Center, Apr 2017

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